About Me

Hi, I’m Ste!

As a self-taught freelancer, design has always been, first and foremost my passion and hobby. It is this attitude for design that has provided enthusiastic, affordable design services in the town and wider area for over 15 years.

As well as being a graphic and web designer, I’m also a registered Paramedic and combine my time creating beautiful and effective websites with working for the ambulance service in Barrow.

I’m experienced in all aspects of web design and development, from conception to completion. I also have a background in advertising and branding consultation, so whether it’s a brand new concept you need branding for, a website for your existing company, advertising, or all of the above, I can hopefully be of service!

It’s no secret that there are dozens of freelance designers, agencies, web studios and internet companies in the area. I like to think I offer something a little different…

Local Knowledge

While i'm happy to engage with clients worldwide, the bulk of my work is local to the Barrow area. With 15 years of designing in this region, my local expertise can be the difference for your business.

Visually Creative

As a self-taught designer, I have finely honed my skills and creativity in an organic and unique way. The designs I create are both visually striking and always fully functional.

Personalised Service

With a full design agency, you may find yourself passed from designer to designer. With Stephen Story Design, you'll always deal direct me - guaranteeing consistency.

Well Established

I first started designing websites for clients over 15 years ago, and have consistently worked professionally in both local design studios and as a freelance ever since.

Freelance Pricing

As a truly independent freelancer, I don't have expensive overheads such as fancy office space or excess staffing to pay. That means my costs are greatly reduced, without compromising on quality.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

I'm delighted and proud to boast a 100% record of Excellent feedback on Trustpilot. I offer my clients a personalised and professional service, and won't stop until they're satisfied.